Lawn Mower Maintenance

Lawn Mower Maintenance


Lawn Mower Maintenance – All gardeners have little skills as specialists in garden equipment thus lawn mower maintenance is often passed over. Lawn mowers that do not undergo frequent maintenance are often refrained from improved performance by the machine. However with a clean pan and a sharp blade after a maintenance job, the mower will be able to run a cleaner work as well as substantially preserving the engine of the lawn mower for a longer period of time. Here at Riding Lawn Mower Sale, a checklist is provided for you to keep your riding mower in excellent shape with regular maintenance every period!

Clean Your Riding Mower

Has your riding mower been working hard for you ever since you got it; cutting grass, clipping twigs and shoving leaves and dirt around the lawn? All of these can get trapped inside and outside of your riding lawn mower, affecting its performance. Keep your riding mower effective and efficient by letting it run right such as raising the hood and brushing off any remains that’s clogged inside. Check the riding mower deck and carefully remove any grass clippings that are trapped beneath.

To prevent jamming of the riding mowers, simply coat the pan with cooking oil just after cleaning and complete drying of the mower. Not only does it prevent jamming, it will also greatly facilitate the cleaning water jet after mowing session. Do not use engine oil, much less waste oil, which is highly polluting and could be on the grass!

Lubricate Your Riding Mower Parts

Lubricate the moving parts of your riding mowers to prevent wear and tear. A quick and easy way is to use a grease gun and apply lubricant to those small parts under the hood.

Check Your Riding Mower Belts

Make sure your belts are not worn out or damaged and ensure the correct tensions of the belts are also a part of lawn mower maintenance. Replacement belts can be purchased and are easy to set up with just a screwdriver and some elbow grease.

Regularly Change Your Oil

Just like a car, your riding mower needs oil to run smoothly. Draining the engine oil should be done once a year, after the mowing season and before storing the mower for the winter.
Unscrew the plug from the drain funnel and discharge the oil into a bucket. Replace the plug and refill your riding mower engine with oil again.Obviously it is necessary to remove this oil to a recycling centre, and never in the sewer! You can also consider replacing it with biodegradable oil. This product is often found in catalogues, but rarely put forward by the distributors.

Safety Comes First

Riding Lawn Mower Sale advises every individual to always remember that safety comes first before working on any kind of lawn mower maintenance,. Do not forget to remove the ignition key from the dashboard so that nobody can operate the riding mower without your knowledge even if you work by simply extending your arm on the mower.